Color trends

The right choice of color shades is one of the most important aspects of jewelry making.  Even the simplest piece will become exquisite and unique if you choose the colors right. Being an amateur, some of my pieces were left unfinished, because I could not find the appropriate color shades. It is not difficult to find two matching colors, but if you want to experiment and to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, then it is better to use following color palettes: 

Of course you should always consult the color palettes and rely on your own taste, but remember that there are no right color shades but only well chosen ones! I would like to show you my pieces of jewelry as an example of color combination. If you like them, try to make them too! I hope you will like the result!
Combination of two colors:
Black and bronze;
Black and gray.
P1100653 - Copy-001
Bronze and turquise
299927_260226737446815_278617178_n - Copy
P1080683 - Copy
Three colors:
Black, gray and rose.
 P1100432 - Copy
Gray, violet and rose.
P1090493 - Copy
Violet, rose and turquoise.
Green, bronze and dark blue.
Green, bronze and red.
Turquoise, white and bronze or golden.
248289_206941932775296_477874599_n - Copy (2)
420369_253299288139560_256285283_n - Copy
P1080610 - Copy
Red, black and bronze.
601978_253299421472880_1065483615_n - Copy
Four colors:
Red, black, bronze and green.
DSC00602 - Copy
Red, turquoise, rose and white.
2013-09-11_17-06-04_945 - Copy
485127_247871578682331_210294142_n - Copy
P1080731 - Copy
P1090088 - Copy
Black, bronze, white, gray
P1080739 - Copy
P1080473 - Copy

Violet, rose, gold and turquoise

290126_134608449965574_1363010_o - Copy