Embroidered Jewelry


Hello everyone!

I decided to write my today's post about embroidered jewelry.

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I like these types of jewelry very much. And before implementing my ideas I always review materials of experienced bead weavers and different techniques of embroidering. I want to share my experience with other amateur lovers of embroidered jewelry.

When you look at other bead weavers' jewelry, everything seems so simple and neat, but your piece won't always look like that. Having faced that problem for the first time, I decided to try chaotic embroidering, that is just sewing on beads of different sizes. It turned out that you can bead a small thing for yourself or for anyone as a gift or you can embroider a whole necklace. And you will have this.

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I began embroidering this jewelry with a simple ring.



I took a small piece of  stiff staff and ultra suede.And now that is my favorite technique and I actively use it for embroidering of different jewelry. If you haven’t made any jewelry with this technique yet, try to begin with this one. You will find more information about this technique in my new master classes.